Link Exchange Script

  • Link exchange script is very easy to use
  • 100% Responsive design + Perfectly SEO
  • 20+ beautiful themes + Link Validator
  • Get links automatically. No manual labor
  • Unlimited script => Get unlimited links
  • Friendly meta-data + Captcha support
  • You will love the move up! in search engines
  • Link exchange scripts saves you 100s of hours
  • Check full online demo
  • Script comes with FREE Installation + Support

Link Exchange Script is a POWER PACKED and automatic link exchange system for your link exchange or reciprocal link generation needs. It makes enhancing site popularity VERY EASY. Once you install it on your server, anyone can fill in a simple form and script will AUTOMATICALLY check whether they are linking to your site and after this accept their request. It is really as simple as that. You do not need to manually check everything. This way it saves a lot of your time and effort. You can then devote this time towards converting your visitors in sales ! So, link exchange script has enormous value for you if you want to MAKE YOUR WEBSITE A BIG BIG SUCCESS.


Features of Link exchange script

Easy to use

It is easy for your partners as they need to fill a very simple form to accept exchange requests.

20+ beautiful themes

Script includes 20+ FREE Themes. You can further customize or create new themes via css.

Perfectly SEO

Search Engine optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (using separate meta tags for each reciprocal category)

Link Validator

Built in reciprocal link Validator.

How Link exchange script works?

1. Visitor arrives

Any visitor comes to your web site

2. Clicks on “Link Exchange” link

Visitor then clicks on the ‘Link Exchange’ Link

3. Arrives at the script page

This takes the person to link exchange script front end where he sees various categories etc

4. Adds his website

Visitor then clicks on “ADD YOUR SITE” option

5. Easy to use form

Visitors fills in a simple form and tells the url where he has placed your link. He also provides info about his site

6. Software checks for your link

Software automatically checks if your site has been added to his web site

7. Done

After link exchange script adds his site to your web site’s directory under the relevant category.

Friendly meta-data

Separate META TAGS for each category to enhance relevance in Search engines. While defining each category you can provide SEO URL text, META keywords, META description, TITLE etc.

Captcha support

When anyone tries to submit their site, he will have to type in a text shown on an image for submission to be accepted. Avoid SPAM.

And lot more…

You can see Full feature and demo to see complete power of the script.


It is automatic. Script checks if your partner is linking to you or not. Plus it automatically adds their site. So, it SAVES your time TWICE for each exchange.

100% Responsive design

Front end is 100% Responsive. So, visitors can view front end on mobiles, tablets and PCs etc.

URL rewriting

URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the category Pages

Unlimited script

Support for UNLIMITED number of categories and subcategories which can be UNLIMITED levels deep

Unlimited script

Support for UNLIMITED number of categories and subcategories which can be UNLIMITED levels deep

Get links automatically

Get links automatically as no manual intervention is required at your end for checking linkbacks

It is really fast

Being an automatic and simple tool, it is very fast.

Better conversion

It leads to better conversion and better search engine standing


It enhances your end user convenience. It is so simple that your visitors will love it!

Saves time

It saves you 100s of hours every year.

Love the move up!

And you will love to move up in search engine rankings !

High security

ENCRYPTED PASSWORD for admin area for higher security. The password of admin area will be encrypted using md5 one way encryption.

Highly configurable

All parameters can be configured through POWER PACKED admin panel

Multi-level categories

Link exchange script has multi-level hierarchical category structure

Convenient browsing

Convenient browsing of sites with Breadcrumb Trail

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